For a large portion of the world, September means that it is time to go back to school, college or university and it is always a good idea to make sure that you are well-prepped especially if it the first term at a new institution. Being prepared for starting your academic term is also a good way to set yourself up for some good study habits that will see you through your coming semesters. So if you haven’t already, then it is high time that you got yourself all kitted out with some study essentials.

Just like if you buy new running trainers which motivate you to go jogging more, we believe that if you get the right study essentials and set-up that it will motivate you to study and to even enjoy it (maybe not every moment but still anything helps!). It is not hard to find study inspiration especially on sites like Instagram and Pinterest where there are so many great ideas and good looking pictures to keep you on track. If you’ve left things a bit to the last minute, don’t worry there is still time so read on to find out how to be prepped for this semester.

The first thing of course is to make sure if possible that you have a good laptop that will see you through at least a few years of your studies. If you are looking into buying a new one, then this time of the year is ideal to shop since many computer brands will have discount deals on and even reductions for matriculated students. Click on the link to check out some Dell deals that can help you save: And don’t forget to make sure you have a USB too since especially if you have computer laps, one of these is invaluable – just make sure to always unplug it! EBay has got some really cute ones at great prices and it’s true that a brightly coloured USB stick is more likely to catch your eye!

Now we can get onto the fun stuff like stationary! Stationary and notebooks are cheap yet seriously useful and these days manufacturers seem to understand that when it comes to stationary, the cuter the better! So plump for those brightly coloured pens and highlighters that will make your study notes look beautiful, and choose those cute notebooks that are sure to become filled with your notes and memos.

Don’t forget that it is also a good idea to make your own study space at home for those times when either the library is closed, or you simply don’t feel like going. Your work surface should be pretty clear and uncluttered (except for your gorgeous stationary in a cute caddy of course!), but it is a good idea to have a nearby source of natural light and to fill the wall with a collage of inspirational postcards and pictures that you like. Add in a good desk lamp and you will have a soothing study space that is ideal for learning!